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Mod 'Antitoxicity' - minimap commands filter, battle chat filter, black-list, etc[]
[ Download (62.8Kb) ] 2017-04-29, 4:50 PM

Autor: ShuraBB

Instalacja: Folder res_mods wstawić do: World of Tanks /

Features mod:

  • Filtering "battle combat" (Note the square, Help, Attack, etc.):
    • Filtering messages from the command in the chat;
    • Filtering of 'clicks' on the minimap;
    • Filtering show commands on the minimap;
    • Setting limits for filter (command type, quantity, time delay, type combat);
    • The ability to lock teams from dead allies;
    • Time setting 'blink' in the highlighted square on the minimap;
  • Filtering messages in the combat chat:
    • Filter messages for a given template, including using regular expressions;
    • AutoCorrect messages in a predetermined pattern;
    • Setting limits for filter (command type, quantity, time delay, type combat);
    • Setting the display time of the message and the time of its "dissolution"
  • A dimensionless "black-list";
  • Message filter DynSquadMessages;
  • The custom filter pop-up messages in the hangar;
  • Custom filter messages in the system channel, including using regular expressions;
  • Custom filter messages above the minimap;
  • Custom message filter above the panel equipment;
  • Disable warnings in the last minute of the fight;
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